Pressiteated Archives - Levikom

Levikom is one of our Head Partners with who we’re helping to get better connections over air to gamers who have high demands towards latency & internet speed. Their main goal is to bring quality Internet connection to people all over Estonia by using new technologies for Over-Air projects.

Levikom campagain for gamers using code “wortex”.

  • Free services for 1 month
  • Internet connection -50% cheaper price
  • TV & Device rent by regular fee
  • 24 month temporary contract

Gamer-Gear is our first partner as a Gfuel retailer in Estonia. Our official WORTEX shakers are distributed by them.

Gamer-Gear provides quality Gfuel & other Energy drink formulas is one of our Parners who is helping us out with quality game servers for CS:GO by providing us 128 tickrate stability. Also providing to gamers a possibility to get a test server for 24-hours. provides quality game servers in Europe also available in Finland

  • Rent your server from here (also available in Estonian language).
  • CS:GO, CS:S, CS:CZ, CS 1.6 & more coming soon
  • Quickly book game servers to play matches, practise or with friends
  • Multiple server locations
  • Pre-configured game modes
  • Try for FREE