Telia Open 2 qualifier – 1 & registered teams

Telia Open is back with second season in Estonia & they are waiting for all Estonian teams to sign up.

In the qualification series all three team members must stay the same (only two players can be replaced, meanwhile playing for another team).

First four weeks is meant for qualifications from where 2 team are advancing to playoffs. This time qualification games are divided to 2-day period.
1. Day all games are played untill TOP4 (64 teams MAX)
2. Day TOP4 teams play for First & Second spot to get a spot into playoffs.

Team who manages to secure a 1st place in qualification period weekly will receive 500.- EUR guaranteed.

Telia Open 1 # FragMovie by Ingu

Prizepool is divided next:

  • I koht: 1000 € rahas + 500 € Telia e-poe krediiti
  • II koht: 500 € rahas + 250 Teelia e-poe krediiti
  • III koht: 250 € rahas + 250 Telia e-poe krediiti
  • IV koht: 250 € Telia e-poe krediiti

Qualifier 1 teams who have registered (12.11.2020)

Team namePlayerPlayerPlayerPlayerPlayer
TauCeti Esports-FanixTinyTeifH4pukurkHenzzikCherry_y
TauCeti AcademyCett-s1MMo-joyyyyyyy_P4nc4ke_Ezzoud
Team Koalask1ndersuprisKapa2k-hYsNEESESemZzz

Our prediction from current data to Qualifier 1 TOP4 teams is next:
1. Levadia-eLions as main favorites
2. Domino-Gaming (new stand in PhiLebo)
3. TauCeti Esports
4. Resolve

You still have time to register your team or mix up with friends.

Registration & Rules:

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