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This weekend 18 Estonian teams competed against each other in Optibet CS:GO qualification – 1 to claim a spot in the half-finals where they will fight for a spot into the finals.

Tournament was strictly 18+ and only Estonian players & teams are allowed to participate in this tournament.

All qualification games are played online between 4. Oct – 11. October.
Semi-finals are taking place 18. October & Grand finals 25. October

Qualification-1 favorite teams were:

Lucendi Gaming (zteeek, matup, d0ista, PhiLeba, TinyTeif)
Domino Gaming (ViztA, Ekuuu, conssss, ZIILA-, Mr_T)
Levadia-eLions (SwicheR, zenkij, zfx, jesus, RSKkaarel)

Lucendi Gaming & Levadia-eLionsmanaged to qualify for the semi-finals.
Levadia-eLions totally surprising us when defeating Domino Gaming on Best of Three matches, while taking 2 maps in a row. Amazing performance was shown by Levadia players, while ending their first maps half with 6 – 9 score. They managed to come back to 19 – 16 win eventually against Domino and securing their first map. SwitcheR as MVP with 32K | 19D | 3A | 1.68 KD just making devastating damage to Dominos gameplay.

We asked some questions from Lucendi Gaming captain Kevin ‘ zteeek ‘ Rohurand:

1. Are you excited that there are new CS:GO tournaments and organizers poping out in Estonia & baltic states?

Obviously, helps our scene grow. It’s been in a stale state for a while now.

2. Did you guys prepare for Optibet tournament or you just went in with “lets do what we do the best?” mentality?

We didn’t have any special preparation for Optibet, mainly because we haven’t sorted out our lineup, so we had to play with a stand-in. But we knew we were one of the favourites so the confidence was still there.

3. How do you think the matches & your performance as team went in first qualification?

We made tons of mistakes, but that was expected since we had no preparation and also had a stand-in. We were relying purely on our individual plays. The matches should’ve definitely been easier, but we won in the end and that’s all that matters.

4. Do you have anything else to say to readers or Lucendi Gaming fans?

Thank you to everyone who’s tuning in to the stream to support Estonian CS! Also make sure to check out our social media and give a follow to @LucendiGaming on Twitter.

Second qualification games are taking place already this weekend! Do you think that your team deserves a spot in semi-finals? Then hit the “register” button!


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