Player spotlight – How is it going for shokz in SMASH esports? Leave a comment

We decided to take a look how are things going for Kristjan ‘ shokz ‘ Jakobson (22-years old lad from Estonia / Tallinn) in SMASH esports after joining line-up officially a month ago.

Mouse Headset Keyboard Monitor Resolution Sens + dpi 
Zowie S1 Divina Logitech G pro Corsair Strafe – brown switches Zowie xl2546 1280×960 1600dpi x 0.43 Sens 

  • How are you doing in SMASH after officialy joining the line-up?
    Well, to be honest I am doing pretty good, the team has seen great results since I joined, so I can’t complain. 
  • How is the chemistry with teammates?
    The chemistry is surprisingly good with the boys. Of course some communication errors pop up here and there sometimes. Overall I could say that we have meshed together much better than I taught at the beginning.
  • Looking back now for few yearsnow, would you ever think that you would be playing for SMASH esports?
    To be hones, I never could think about this offer. this opportunity came out of the blue for me. But I am really happy that I have given this chance to prove myself playing at this level of CS:GO
  • What could you suggest to fellow Estonian CS:GO players for motivation to get to this point where you’re currently?
    Just play a lot –  Grind on whatever platform you prefer, attend online tournaments, local LAN events, and something great will happen eventually, but stay consistent and never back down from what you love.
  • Just a fun question, have you got a chance to see Dimitri Vegas yet?
    Nope, and with this whole COVID-19 situation it probably won’t happen for a while.

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