Tul1p with full line-up joining WORTEX valorant team

Picking up a Valorant team is something new for WORTEX, since we never tought we saw a potential in this game actually. Past month has proven us wrong by analysing the streams and the games competitive possibilites. After having a small break from CS:GO we tought that it’s right moment to give this game a chance on the esports scene.

We’re always focusing on Estonian teams & players firstly. Since we’re trying to imrpove Estonian esports scene by giving our own talents a chanche to climb the competitve ladder. Yesterday we got contacted by known name already from the past of the CS:GO scene, Raimond ‘ Tul1p ‘ Tulp who offered us to pick up his assembled Valorant team. And we AGREED!

Raimond ‘ Tul1p ‘ Tulp as team captain commenting:
We decided that we would like to join WORTEX. Because we have seen from past CS:GO teams how much the organization values its players. WORTEX has already made a name for itself in esports, which can help us get in different competitions and to improve faster.

We assembled our team in the early access stage of VALORANT. We thought the sooner we start, the greater is the chances of getting further in the game. The plans for the future are that we will be playing as much as possible qualifiers and online tournaments to gain the maximum amount of competitive skillset for this game.

Lets take a look at the new WORTEX valorant team.

PlayerMouseHeadsetKeyboardMonitorResolutionSens + dpi
tul1pFinalmouse Ultralight 2Logitech G PRO XQPAD MK-90Alienware AW2518HF1920×10800.58 / 400 DPI
HulkzteNZowie FK1Steelseries Arctis 1Hyperx Alloy Fps RGBBenQ XL25461920×10800.52 / 400 DPI
m6mzelZowie EC1-BHyperx Cloud IIRazer  Blackwidow Tournament Edition ChromaBenQ XL2720Z1440×9000.18 / 800 DPI
YakotashiLogitech g203Hyperx Cloud IITrust GXT 850 KeyboardBenQ XL2411P1920×10800.59/ 400DPI
AbyssalLogitech G PRO WirelessAudio-Technica ATH-G1CMStorm Masterkeys Pro SAlienware AW2518HF1920×10800.39 / 800 DPI

Like Kevin ‘ zteeek ‘ Rohurand sayd in past article about Valorants effect in Esports

Who has left from csgo and why in Estonian scene already? I don’t know many people to be honest. The only relevant name that pops into my mind is Tul1p, the rest are casual players mostly. There might be a lot more players that have swapped games without me knowing though. I think the main reason why majority of people leave CS for VALORANT is because they feel everyone has the same odds of going pro there. It’s a new game where everyone has to start from scratch, so there aren’t any players with years of experience ahead of them.

How do you look at it? I don’t really care, if you’ve lost the fun in CS then VALORANT could be a good alternative. I’ve played a fair bit of VALORANT when I got access – it’s really fun and has a lot of potentiaI, but I don’t see myself leaving my 9000 hours of CS yet though.

Long term effects on CS:GO from your opinion? It will definitely steal a chunk of player base from CS. We’ve already seen some known pros transition into VALORANT. Overall I think they will both be successful eSport games. CS:GO will always remain the GOAT though

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