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Kevin ‘zteeek‘ Rohurand an 20. years old CS:GO player from Estonia / Viljandi. Who started playing Counter-Strike since 1.6 and still playing CS:GO for past 13 – years with several breaks.

Currently playing for NoSurrenderGG as Team Captain.

You can follow zteeek on Twitch & Twitter.

MouseHeadsetKeyboardMonitorResolutionSens + dpi
Logitech G Pro WirelessHyperX Cloud IIHyperX Alloy Elite RGBBenQ XL25401920×10801.5 / 800 DPI

Crosshair: cl_crosshairalpha “200”, cl_crosshaircolor “4”, cl_crosshairdot “0”, cl_crosshairgap “-3”, cl_crosshairsize “1”, cl_crosshairstyle “4”, cl_crosshairusealpha “1”, cl_crosshairthickness “0”, cl_fixedcrosshairgap “-4”, cl_crosshair_outlinethickness “0”, cl_crosshair_drawoutline “0”

Biggest achievements in CS:GO: Probably champions of PlayFair 2018 or 3th-4th at BESL Pro every season.

Some interesting questions:

VALORANT effect in Estonia

Who has left from csgo and why in Estonian scene already? I don’t know many people to be honest. The only relevant name that pops into my mind is Tul1p, the rest are casual players mostly. There might be a lot more players that have swapped games without me knowing though. I think the main reason why majority of people leave CS for VALORANT is because they feel everyone has the same odds of going pro there. It’s a new game where everyone has to start from scratch, so there aren’t any players with years of experience ahead of them.

How do you look at it? I don’t really care, if you’ve lost the fun in CS then VALORANT could be a good alternative. I’ve played a fair bit of VALORANT when I got access – it’s really fun and has a lot of potentiaI, but I don’t see myself leaving my 9000 hours of CS yet though.

Long term effects on CS:GO from your opinion? It will definitely steal a chunk of player base from CS. We’ve already seen some known pros transition into VALORANT. Overall I think they will both be successful eSport games. CS:GO will always remain the GOAT though 😉

The best teammate ever played with: I’ve known DoisTa since we were 2-3 years old so I got some real love for this guy.

Worst teammate ever played with: I hate questions like these. Maybe PhilEba only because he lacked the motivation to play but he had so much to offer.

Best LAN event you’ve attended: I don’t have a specific one, but TTÜ has always done everything top-notch.

Worst LAN event you’ve attended: TTG, a LAN series that was held in Tartu, Estonia. They’ve had delays and other problems every single LAN. It was terrible.

One thing you would change about CS:GO: Take out vertigo and add cobble or cache back into the map pool.

What games do you play outside of CS:GO: Oldschool Runescape, League of Legends, Hearthstone & Valorant.


  • 2nd – Telia Open 2020 Spring (DoisTa, Eku, consss, Wahtzz) – 500€
  • 1st – Telia Open 2020 Spring #1 QUALIFIER (DoisTa, Eku, consss, Wahtzz) – 500€
  • 2nd – Baltic Masters Season 4 (DoisTa, Eku, consss, Wahtzz) – 1500€
  • 1st – Betsafe eSports 5v5 Online 2020 March (DoisTa, Eku, consss, Wahtzz) 100€
  • 1st – Rakvere LAN 2020 Winter (DoisTa, kommionu, MarTPoiss, m6mz) – 450€
  • 1st – Betsafe eSports 5v5 Online 2019 Winter (DoisTa, Matup, KrassNer, Wahtzz) – 250€
  • 2nd – Baltic Masters Season 3 (DoisTa, Matup, KrassNer, Wahtzz) – 1000€
  • 3rd – BESL Pro Season 3 (DoisTa, Matup, KrassNer, shokz) – 1000€
  • 3rd – TalTech LAN 2019 Spring (DoisTa, PhilEba, Matup, KrassNer) – 400€
  • 2nd – Rakvere LAN 2018 (DoisTa, PhilEba, RSK, EscapeR) – 300€
  • 3rd – BESL Pro Season 2 (DoisTa, Sickta, KrassNer, PhilEba) – 900€
  • 3rd – BESL Pro Season 1 (DoisTa, feeldtzz, KrassNer, PhilEba) – 750€
  • 1st – Playfair 2018 Spring (DoisTa, feeldtzz, KrassNer, PhilEba) – 1250€
  • 2nd – Paide LAN 2018 Winter (gerfz, tul1p, holts, feeldtzz) – 150€
  • 1st – RG LAN Fall 2017 (DoisTa, EscapeR, PhilEba, sunnse) – 500€
  • 1st – TTG LAN 2017 Spring (gerfz, nyte, TOMZON, Supsti) – 250€
  • 2nd – Paide LAN 2017 (ziiLa, nyte, Supsti, gerfz) 150€
  • 2nd – Kohila LAN 2017 Spring (wAw, zNki, Toffen, DoisTa) – 400€
  • 5th – ESEA Open League Season 26 (DoisTa, EscapeR, PhilEba, sunnse) – 350€
  • 5th – ESEA Open League Season 32 (DoisTa, Matup, KrassNer, Wahtzz) – 300€
  • 1st – Valga ANK LAN 2017 Spring (DoisTa, tul1p, holts, maLpa) – 150€
  • 1st – TTG LAN 2016 Fall (aLex, DoisTa, Ekuberg, Instah) – 300€
  • 1st – TKJPG LAN 2016 (eku1, ALPHA, souzz, Hulk) – 200€

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