Levadia at ESEA intermediate Season33 – How well did they perform?

ESEA Season 33: Intermediate Division – Europe started with 106 teams overall and with 16 games per team to play. It’s an hard & long journey to the finals, but Estonian team called after Estonian soccer club Levadia has managed to score 2nd place in Season33 and securing $1500 for the team.

Since round 32 Levadia has been undefeatable against all their opponents where they didn’t drop a single map against any opponents, before the grand finals against LOG Esports. Grand Finals ended with 21 in favor of LOG Esports

lenz – levadia cs:go team coach commenting:

Season33 goal was to place at TOP4, but we managed to place 2nd, I can only say that “GOAL ACHIEVED“. The Grind Finals against LOG Esports ended with really tight loss sadly for us on last map with overall 2-1 for LOG Esports. The reason why we lost that map was mainly because of the small map experience as a team. Great news is that the players have improved greatly trough the season meanwhile trying to claim their place at higher tiers.

For the upcoming season our goals are simple, we want to make sure we are the best team in Estonia and top3 in baltics. As usual we aim to reach one league higher in ESEA which for us would be advanced. We are planning a bootcamp as soon as we are allowed after the COV19 crisis is over.

Whos even playing in Levadia CS:GO team? Lets have a sneaky peaky shall we.

PlayerMouseHeadsetKeyboardMonitorResolutionSens + dpi
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is logo_levadia.png Jeesuizzowie S2HyperX cloud alphaCorsair K70 mx redbenQ XL27401280×7600.75 / 800dpi
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is logo_levadia.png SwicheRzowie-EC-2BHyperX cloud alphaRazer Blackwidow (tournament edition)BenQ XL2730T1152×8642.5 / 400dpi
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is logo_levadia.png v1leezowie-EC1-AHyperX Cloud IIHyperX Alloy FPSZowie XL25401280×960(streched)1.18 / 400dpi
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is logo_levadia.png RSKkaarelzowie-EC-2aHyperX RevolverLogitech g213Alienware aw2518hf720×6761.39 / 800dpi
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is logo_levadia.png Dext0pzowie-EC-2aSteelseries arctis 3/scorpion gamingLogitech g710+Benq XL24111290×9602.0 / 800dpi

What has Martin ‘ matup ‘ Padam to say about Levadias performance at S33?
(matup is an ex member of wortex cs:go division).

It surprised me a lot. I didn’t even think that they would get that far, considering their form playing against other Estonian teams in local tournaments. But seems like they are approving which is a delight in my eyes. I am really happy to see more solid teams are being put together to play at this kind of level at all.

Levadia is already playing at Season34 at ESEA with score 31 currently. It’s pretty sure that boys are on fire, they have taken down Estonian current TOP1 team NoSurrenderGG on De_Inferno with 168. But this only BO1 so let’s keep it calm, much more to see from both teams.

AlltechLevadia – eLionsde_trainWin17-194/30/2020
LOTB-Levadia – eLionsde_dust2Loss16-65/1/2020
Levadia – eLionsNoSurrenderGGde_infernoWin16-85/4/2020
ObsidianLevadia – eLionsde_mirageWin12-165/7/2020

Kaarel ‘ RSKaarel ‘ Kell saying
At the start of the ESEA season we set ourselves a goal to at least get top 4 in the season. To achieve this we practiced a minimum 3-4 times a week. though we did make it to the finals of ESEA intermediate league our domestic results were very underwhelming. Falling out of domestic leagues even before the semi-finals, but these losses helped us see our mistakes and fix them. Our goal for this season is to make it to advanced and we are sure we have what it takes to make it.’

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