WORTEX – Estonian CS:GO community BETA released!

uh! Really thrilled to be in BETA program in communities platform in Faceit. We have been chosen from Estonian side to test it out for CS:GO and see how players like it.
We are testing a looking for group feature (lobby system), to allow members of a community to play together in FACEIT matchmaking. This allows players to play with members of their community. E.g. A player creates a community lobby, other community players join that lobby, and queue together in FACEIT CSGO 5v5 Matchmaking.

Think of it as a way for players to queue up together and have a better match experience. It’s currently in beta at the moment and lobbies are created with default settings (CSGO, 5v5 FACEIT MM queue, lvl 1-10).

Overall concept https://imgur.com/a/rc2b29r
Here is the join link! Join NOW!

Just create the lobby, set your lobby level limits and wait for players or friends to join it & play on Faceit 5vs5 matchmaking.

Get listed with your lobby at the community & get a bigger chance to play with your friends or Estonian players.

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