We have migrated with For Gamers Estonia

We’re glad to announce that we have successfully managed to migrate WORTEX with For Gamers Estonia, who are the top selling gaming shops in Estonia. We have been working with For Gamers Estonia already for past 3. years & our views have bonded heavily.

What does the migration mean?
As you can already see, we’re back with whole new face & look. We have a brand new & unique website. For Gamers Estonia has moved their E-shop side under WORTEX and will be working with our staff tightly to get those products shipped, sorted out & always up to date. This is one of the biggest changes overall.

We’re also trying to give back to the Esports scene to see it growing. That means we will be investing % from certain sales back to Estonian Esports, like tournaments & events sponsorship prize pools.

Also, we’re trying to bring Estonian gamers closer to Russian gamers in Estonia, to get the community & events even bigger. Time to change the “MIX” team types for tournaments & leagues, we want to see some quality teams growing out from the scene.

Oleg Kamoza CEO of For Gamers Estonia is commenting

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